Jordan Allen White is a composer, writer, sound designer, and audio engineer specializing in the creation of songs, scoring, sound design, Foley, and  sound effects.

His  clients include Netflix, Fern Animation Studios, Georgia Aquarium, State Farm, Accenture, Protenus, and VISA. 

Jordan has written, directed, and scored three puppetry, animation, and live action family shows that run daily at Georgia Aquarium.

Awards and recognitions: Top ten finalist  2018 and 2019 International Songwriting Competition Children's Category, "Best Album" and "Best Song" nominations for the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. His album "Absurd is the Bird" was released on the Bobbledy Books Children's label. 

"I am a dedicated, hard worker who strives daily to be better as a person and to find deeper meaning as an artist. Being part of a team moving constantly toward something bigger than myself is where I feel most comfortable, and where I find it easiest to thrive."